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About the Doctor


Dr. Hamilton is a native Texan, and a graduate of  the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston. Prior to dental school,  she served as a staff pharmacist at St. Luke’s Hospital in the Medical Center. She began  her dental career in public health by serving as Dental Chief  at the Riverside Dental Clinic in Houston.  There she demonstrated her ability to work well with children of all age groups and ethnic backgrounds.  Later  she received additional training in oral surgery and endodontics in the navy where she served as a lieutenant in the USN Reserve Dental Corps.

Her philosophy of practice is guided by her conviction that each patient is an individual, with individual needs and concerns. Her goal is to allow each patient to express those needs and concerns and to incorporate them into any treatment recommendations. Along with her staff, she takes the time to educate her patients not only about what can be done to treat or correct any problems they may have, but how to prevent future problems.

Many dental offices brag about the “gentle touch” of their doctor.  In our office, the patients brag about the gentle touch of Dr. Hamilton.  Many of them sleep through their appointments while they are being treated, ( and that is without sedation). Many ask her when is she going to “give them the anesthesia”, and are surprised to find out that she has already administered it.

Needless to say, our patients are not just patients, but friends. Nothing pleases our doctor more, than to take a patients who have great fear and anxiety about going to the dentist, and using our “comfort care” protocol, converting them into what we affectionately call “born again” dental patients.